the Turkish name for an unbeliever in the Mohammedan faith, and especially for a Christian in that regard.

The Nuttall Encyclopaedia. . 1907.

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  • giaour — [ ʒjaur ] n. m. • 1740; mot turc « incroyant » ♦ Hist. Terme de mépris appliqué aux non musulmans en Turquie. ⇒ roumi. ● giaour nom masculin (turc gâvur, de l arabe kāfir, infidèle) Terme péjoratif par lequel les Turcs désignaient les non… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Giaour — Giaour, n. [Turk. giaur an infidel, Per. gawr, another form of ghebr fire worshiper. Cf. {Kaffir}, {Gheber} .] An infidel; a term applied by Turks to disbelievers in the Mohammedan religion, especially Christrians. Byron. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Giaour — or Ghiaour written gâvur in modern Turkish, is a derogatory word used by Turkish people to describe all who are non Muslims, with particular reference to Christians and at times to Greeks [James Lewis Farley, Turks and Christians ,Adamant Media… …   Wikipedia

  • giaour — GIAOUR: Expression farouche, d une signification inconnue, mais on sait que ça se rapporte à l Orient …   Dictionnaire des idées reçues

  • giaour — 1560s, Turkish term of contempt for non Muslims, from Pers. gaur, variant of gabr fire worshipper, originally applied to the adherents of the Zoroastrian religion …   Etymology dictionary

  • giaour — [jour] n. [prob. via It < Turk giaur (modern sp. gâvur) < Ar kāfir, infidel: see KAFFIR] in Muslim usage, a non Muslim; esp., a Christian …   English World dictionary

  • giaour — (ji a our) s. m. Mot par lequel les Turcs désignent tous ceux qui ne font pas profession de l islamisme. Le Giaour est le titre d un poëme célèbre de lord Byron. ÉTYMOLOGIE    Turc, giaour, incroyant, traduction de l arabe kafîr. SUPPLÉMENT AU… …   Dictionnaire de la Langue Française d'Émile Littré

  • giaour — /jowr/, n. Turkish. an unbeliever; a non Muslim, esp. a Christian. [1555 65; earlier gower, gour < Turk gâvur < Pers gaur, var. of gabr Zoroastrian, non Muslim; sp. giaour < F, with gi repr. Turk palatalized g, later taken as sp. for j] * * * …   Universalium

  • giaour — noun Etymology: French, from Italian dialect (Venetian) giaur, from Turkish gâvur, from Persian gawr, gabr Date: 1564 one outside the Islamic faith ; infidel 2a …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • giaour — noun /ˈʤaʊə/ A non Muslim, especially a Christian, an infidel; especially as used by Turkish people with particular reference to Christians like Greeks, Armenians, Bulgarians, Serbs and Assyrians. We men are not a race of freebooters or giaours;… …   Wiktionary

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